One has to wonder WHY is the corrupt, harassing, power abusing, little cowardice government of the Village of Earlville harassing chicken owners?  And likewise, WHY do other municipalities personally attack inviduals, families, and peaceful, productive chickens?  We, at Earlville Chickens, have discovered their reasoning, illogic, and motives behind such attacks.  And, we at Earlville Chickens, provide this following information, openly and free of charge, to hopefully put an end to such attacks in the Village of Earlville and the nation.  No, Earlville Chickens, unlike the government of the Village of Earlville, does not hold secret meetings under the name of executive sessions to withhold information from others.  Earlville Chickens wants to share this information with all, so all can benefit both persoanlly and financially.  Yes, that is the real reason behind these attacks on personal freedoms and liberties - jealousy, ignorance, stupidity, and greed.  Now everyone will have no reason to attack the ownership, and benefits thereof, of raising chickens (unless they can't get over their ignorance and stupidity).

This is a link that Earlville Chickens is proud to share with all chicken lovers everywhere and even all corrupt, harassing, power abusing governments, especially the Village of Earlville officials that qualify.

It is dedicated to the few remaining Village of Earlville public servants of those involved in this harassment in the hopes that it may help to reform themselves before it is too late.

Now ALL can benefit from owning and raising chickens!  No more excuses.  No more jealousy.  Enjoy, and use this information wisely.  Share it freely with others as it has been freely shared with you.  We hope you, too, will abundantly benefit from this now open secret of chicken owners.  But CAUTION:  be wise.  Do not fall into the trap that many have fallen.  Do not abuse the use and the knowledge of this information, or it could ruin you. 

copyright 2010 Mica Products. All rights reserved.

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