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Earlville Chickens Rumors Dispelled!

Rumor 1:
Contrary to popular belief (and wishful thinking of some alektorophobiacs), Earlville Chickens are still here!  This basically originated because a story was reversed, and the real story is that there is one less alektorophobiac harrassing EC.  One more down, three to go.  After all, Earlville Chickens live forever!

Rumor 2:
Sadly, a nasty rumor was spread, so it has to be mentioned here that Earlville Chickens has not received any layer crumbles, layer pellets, or cracked corn as a result of unlawful activities originating at a local pet food manufacturer.

Rumor 3:
The mayor and the village board seem to think Earlville Chickens will cut a deal for the village to drop the charges. What makes them think, after 5 years, that Earlville Chickens will admit to any wrongdoing? THINK, mayor and board members that may expect Earlville Chickens to peck at your poison worm: It WILL NOT HAPPEN. You need to think this through and see you have only one option to come out looking good. Otherwise, you will lose no matter what else you choose. No, the rumor is false. Earlville Chickens is standing tall and firm on the truth and facts - Earlville Chickens will live forever!