1190 Third Crusade: Frederick I Barbarossa drowns in the Sally River while leading an army to Jerusalem.
1539 Council of Trent: Paul III sends out letters to his bishops, delaying the Council due to war and the difficulty bishops had had traveling to Venice.
1610 The first Dutch settlers arrive (from NJ), to colonize Manhattan Island
1619 Thirty Years' War: Battle of Zblat, a turning point in the Bohemian Revolt.
1639 The first American log cabin at Fort Christina (Wilmington Delaware)
1682 Tornado in Connecticut uproots a 3' diameter oak tree
1692 Salem witch trials: Bridget Bishop is hanged at Gallows Hill near Salem, Massachusetts, for "certaine Detestable Arts called Witchcraft & Sorceries".
1719 Battle of Glenshiel which saw the end of a minor Jacobite rising. Only 1000 men joined the Jacobite side under the 10th Earl Marischal. Faced by a Hanovarian army under General Wightman, after some hours of engagement, the Jacobite forces disbanded
1720 Mrs Clements of England markets first paste-style mustard
1752 Ben Franklin's kite is struck by lightning
1756 UK history Black Hole of Calcutta 146 Britons imprisoned, most die according to British sources
1760 NY passes first effective law regulating practice of medicine
1770 Captain James Cook runs aground on the Great Barrier Reef.
1793 French Revolution: Following arrests of Girondin leaders the Jacobins gain control of the Committee of Public Safety installing the revolutionary dictatorship.
1793 The Jardin des Plantes museum opens in Paris (becoming, a year later, the first public zoo).
1801 Tripoli declares war on US for refusing tribute
1805 First Barbary War: Yussif Karamanli signs a treaty ending hostilities with the United States.
1809 The first US steamboat to a make an ocean voyage leaves NY for Phila
1829 UK hist First Oxford/Cambridge Boat Race
1846 Robert Thomson obtains an English patent on a rubber tire
1848 The first telegraph link between NYC & Chicago
1854 Georg F.B. Reiman proposes that space is curved
1854 The U.S. Naval Academy holds its first graduation in Annapolis, Maryland.
1854 The first class of United States Naval Academy students graduate.
1863 Battle of Brice's Crossroads, Miss; Forrest w/3500 defeats 8000 Feds
1864 Siege of Petersburgbegins and lasts until April 2, 1865
1869 S.S.Agnes arrives in New Orleans with first ever shipment of frozen beef
1871 Sinmiyangyo: Captain McLane Tilton leads 109 Marines in naval attack on Han River forts on Kanghwa Island, Korea.
1886 Eruption of Mount Tarawera in New Zealand, killing 153 people and destroying the famous Pink and White Terraces.
1898 US Marines land in Cuba, during Spanish-American War
1899 Improved Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks forms in Cincinnati
1902 Patent for window envelope granted to H.F. Callahan
1905 The first forest fire lookout tower placed in operation, Greenville, Me
1909 A Morse Code SOS signal is transmitted for the first time in an emergency as the Cunard liner SS Slavonia is wrecked off the Azores.
1916 Great Arab Revolt begin
1918 Austro-Hungarian battleship SMS Szent Istvan sinks after being torpedoed by an Italian MAS motorboat.
1924 Fascists kidnap and kill Italian socialist leader Giacomo Matteotti in Rome.
1925 Inaugural service for the United Church of Canada, a union of Presbyterian, Methodist, and Congregationalist churches held in Toronto arena
1934 Italy beats Czechoslovakia 2-1 (OT) in soccer's 2nd World Cup at Rome
1935 Alcoholics Anonymous is founded in New York City.
1940 World War II: German forces, under General Erwin Rommel, reach the English Channel.
1940 World War II: Italy declares war on France and the United Kingdom.
1940 World War II: Norway Surrenders to German forces.
1940 World War II: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt denounces Italy's actions with "Stab in the Back" speech from the graduation ceremonies of the University of Virginia.
1941 Recruitment commenced for the Torres Strait Defence Force to be drawn from the indigenous population of the Torres Strait Islands The Force included the Torres Strait Regiment
1941 Rudolf He crashes a Luftwaffe fighter-bomber in England in an attempt to put an end to World War 2.
1942 Massacre at Lidice (Czechoslovakia) Gestapo kills 173
1942 World War II: Nazis burn the Czech village of Lidice as reprisal for the killing of Reinhard Heydrich.
1943 FDR becomes first US pres to visit a foreign country during wartime
1943 FDR signs withholding tax bill into law (this is W-2 Day!)
1943 Lieutenant Commander F. A. Erickson, USCG, proposed that helicopters be developed for antisubmarine warfare, "not as a killer craft but as the eyes and ears of the convoy escorts." To this end he recommended that helicopters be equipped with radar and dunking sonar.
1943 Personal posting - Eleanor Ruth Quill Christman June 10, 1943
1944 In baseball, 15-year old Joe Nuxhall of the Cincinnati Reds becomes the youngest player ever in a major-league game.
1944 World War II: 642 men, women and children are killed in the Oradour-sur-Glane Massacre in France.
1944 World War II: In Distomo, Boeotia Prefecture, Greece 218 children,women and men were massacred by German troops.
1945 9th Division supported by the RAAF lands at Brunei Bay, beginning the invasion of British North Borneo
1945 Australian Imperial Forces landed in Brunei Bay to liberate Brunei.
1946 Italian Republic established
1947 Saab produces its first automobile.
1948 Test pilot Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier in the Bell XS-1.
1954 PBS reaches SF: KQED (Channel 9) starts broadcasting
1955 The first separation of virus into component parts reported
1956 16th modern Olympiad equestrian events open in Stockholm
1957 Harold MacMillan becomes British PM
1957 John Diefenbacker (C) elected PM of Canada with the biggest majority to date
1961 Suzanne Clayton's birthday June 10th 1961
1964 Southern filibuster on civil rights bill ends; cloture invoked
1966 Beatles "Paperback Writer" is released in the UK
1966 Janis Joplins first live concert (Avalon Ballroom in SF)
1967 Argentina becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
1967 Israel, Syria, Jordan, Iraq & Egypt end "6-Day War" with UN help
1967 Six-Day War ends: Israel and Syria agree to a cease-fire.
1969 First man walks on the moon.
1971 11 die in a train crash in Salem Ill
1973 NASA launches Radio Astronomy Explorer 49 into lunar orbit
1975 Rockefeller panel reports on 300,000 illegal CIA files on Americans
1976 67,000 fans attends Wings concert at Seattle's Kingdome
1977 Apple Computer ships its first Apple II
1977 James Earl Ray (Martin Luther King's killer) escapes from prison
1978 Costa Rica becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.
1981 IRA's Joseph Doherty escapes from Crumlin Road Jail
1982 Israeli troops reach outskirts of Beirut
1984 Ivan Lendl wins the French Open, his first grand slam title
1984 US missile shot down an incoming missile in space for first time
1985 Claus von Bulow acquitted on charges he tried to murder his wife
1985 Coca Cola announces they'd bring back their 99-year-old formula so much for the "New Coke"
1985 The Israeli army ends its 1,099 day occupation of Lebanon.
1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.
1987 Discovery's SRBs and External Tank are mated
1988 Greatest number of participants (31,678) on a bicycle tour (London)
1989 Major French Open upset, as Spain's Arantxa Sanchez, 17 beats heavily favored Steffi Graf, also first Spaniard to win a grand slam title
1989 Number one hit on UK music charts - Jason Donovan - Sealed With A Kiss
1989 China's Tieneman Square massacre.
1990 Andres Gomez beats Andre Agassi for French Open title
1990 Burger King begins using Newman's Own Salad Dressing
1990 Rap group 2 Live crew members arrested in Fla for obscenity
1991 Mother of All Parades-NYC welcomes desert storm troops
1992 Fatal ambush of U.S. Army Humvee in Panama on eve of President George H. W. Bush's visit to that country
1996 Peace talks begin in Northern Ireland without Sinn Fin.
1996 Personal posting - Elizabeth Frances Humprey was born
1997 Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot orders the killing of his defense chief Son Sen and 11 of Sen's family members before Pol Pot flees his northern stronghold.
1996 This was the year "The Book Clip - Guaranteed to keep your Book Open" first appeared on the Internet. See Pictures HERE www.bookclip.com
1999 Kosovo War: NATO suspends its air strikes after Slobodan Miloevi agrees to withdraw Serbian forces from Kosovo.
2000 UK hist Millennium footbridge over the Thames opens, but wobbles and is quickly declared dangerous and closed � finally reopened Feb 2002
2001 Pope John Paul II canonizes Saint Rafqa
2002 First direct electronic communication experiment between the nervous systems of two humans carried out by Kevin Warwick in the United Kingdom.
2003 The Spirit Rover is launched, beginning NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission.

But, believe it or not, Earlville Chicken Liberty isn't the only important event that happened on June 10. 
Here are other famous events, gleaned from internet history sources, that occurred on this date:

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