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Defending rights and liberties under attack by the Village of Earlville corrupt government public servants since 2005.
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Earlville Chickens Legal Defense

Thank you for your support!

Please read carefully:
All donations toward Earlville Chickens Legal Defense ARE NOT TAX DEDUCTIBLE.  Gifts will be used for any expenses related to defending against the abusive, spiteful, illegal, and unconstitutional attacks by the Village Board of the Village of Earlville charging Michael Kicinski of Earlville, NY with a criminal offense of having chickens - violating a 2007 targeted spite law banning animals that Michael Kicinski legally and lawfully has had since moving to the village in 2003, and the Village of Earlville gave permission on two separate occasions to have and raise for the lifetime ownership of his property under the village's 1963 ordinance and current-at-the-time law.  Money contributed will be used for expenses incurred for legal fees (criminal charges, libel, damages, etc.) and other, including but not necessarily limited to, advertising, letters, postage, signage, website, travel, other fees (paypal, etc.), and other.   In the event of gifts received above and beyond the needed money and not used toward Earlville Chickens, funds will be donated to a like-minded cause for Constitutional Liberty, the decision to be made by Michael Kicinski.
Help defend our rights against abusive government.

What right is sacred to you?  Which right would you defend against attack?  How far would you go to defend your rights?

Practically all of our rights are under attack.  It doesn't matter which right.  If we do not defend at the time of attack, our rights will be diminished a little at a time until we find out our rights have been taken away by the same elected servants that took an oath to protect the People and our rights.

Your gift will help not just an individual stand up to an abusive local government, but will help send a message that governments cannot just arbitrarily write laws to take away what you already have.

It's not just about chickens and rabbits.

It's about life
in these United States.

Our Goal.

You can't put a price on freedom.  But we are seeing first hand what it costs when we want to defend it.  It is not cheap.  Since even before our first need for legal representation in 2008 to the present, the bills have amounted to over $10,000, plus countless hours of personal time, to defend our rights against this tyrannical action.  The Village Board uses our tax dollars to attack us, while this legal action doesn't cost them one penny personally.  This case has stressed our personal finances, life, and family, while it has cost nothing to all the individuals responsible who hide behind the name and immunity of the Village of Earlville.   And while they play their legal political harassment game, they are also making the Village residents pay for it through their taxes, and with restrictions keeping the residents from having their choice of animals, and the damage to property values, and the negative marks on the name of the Village.

So, you see, legal assistance is expensive.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  Our goal is to raise $20,000 because of the bills and foreseeable court actions.  A simple case that could be settled by the board in a matter of seconds is being stretched out over years because of their stubborness against doing the right thing.

Can you contribute $100, $50, $25, $10, $5?  Any amount wil help in reaching our goal and the resources necessary to win this case.  "Freedom is not free."  Thank you for your support!

It's about freedom and liberty, individuals and families - and holding those in government accountable.